10 Best Tortilla Warmer Reviews 2021

Warm, Cheesy and Yummy, tortillas and tacos are everyone’s most tempted grab-a-bite for dinners. But who likes a cold tortilla?

Tortillas are best when they are hot; if you want the real Mexican taste, they lose the moisture and becomes pliable when not kept in a proper warmer.

Also, we know those tortilla warmers designed to keep the taste and softness intact. Well, tortilla warmers are of many types, sizes, colors, materials, and usage.

In our world so crazily online, looking up for dishtowels will not savor the taste buds. For Mexican hospitality, you can deliciously keep your tortillas warm for a long time, in a specially designed tortilla warmer.

Exclusively for our online readers, we have thought and put our extensive research on the list of best tortilla warmers available right now. 

best tortilla warmer

Our 10 Best Tortilla Warmer Reviews

1. Ceramic Tortilla Warmer by KOOK

Vibrant colors, durable ceramic, and a convenient centerpiece are what ceramic tortilla warmer by Kook offers. 

The rainbow color catches the eyes, and if you love to work around the kitchen, then it is definitely a choice you must pick. 

The height of the warmer is 4 inches and can hold up to 8 inches of tortillas and 12 in number. You can easily keep your food items warm for 1 hour or more. 

For party lovers, Kook ceramic tortilla warmer is a choice to suit the vibe and to create the heat. Now your tacos won’t get soggy. 

Also, the perfectly balanced top handle lid, makes it a must-have. As ceramic gets heavy to hold around, your fingers around the cover will make your hold stronger. 

The productivity of the KOOK warmers is medium, but its designer look is what makes it eye-catchy. Are you not interested in decorating your dull kitchen to something colorful? For its balanced features and nice eye-soothing design, this our best tortilla warmer pick!

Highlights of The Product

  • Ceramic made
  • Colorful Design
  • Microwave friendly, the top is dishwasher safe & secure cleaning
  • Multi-use: tortilla, bread, waffles, pancakes, and pita
  • Can hold up to 12 tortillas
  • Comfortable to hold the top
  • Ceramic can be a little heavy

2. Nordic Ware Microwave Tortilla Warmer

Firstly the size and then the lightweight is what keeps Nordic Ware tortilla warmer a user-friendly product. 

Even though it is a tortilla warmer, you can easily keep two dozen burrito, buns, hot dogs and waffles safe and warm. 

Its sleek design and plastic material makes it cleaning friendly. Picking up hard warmers and then washing them is very difficult. Hence, Nordic Ware simplifies it by making it easy to carry. 

The main material component is plastic and painted with copper paint from the outside. It will not just warm-up, but decorate your kitchen too. 

Well, nomadic is best to feed the crowd as it can carry up to 24 tortillas. Also, you can keep the warmth for half an hour. For a saving tip, use a clean towel to avoid your treats from getting soggy.

What more could you ask? Well, to add more sparkle, the original company made it chemical and melamine free. Isn’t it the perfect gift?

Highlights of The Product

  • It is melamine-free
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight and more comfortable to clean
  • Affordable
  • Large size up to 24 burrito size tortillas
  • Single Color
  • It is not oven friendly

3. Tortilla Warmer 12 Inch Insulated Cloth Food Warmer

An array of bright colors, fluffy fabric pouch, and a warmer for your tortillas are what you need next in your life. Once you reach back home, have a mild surprise ready for you in the kitchen. 

This tortilla warmer, 12 inches, is insulated from inside while flaunting its style from the outside. 

Why eat the cold tortilla when you can carry the warmer around? The best thing about this product is its feasibility. 

You can easily carry this lightweight warmer anywhere, and in any bag you want. And, being an excellent warming pouch, you can pick this as a great gift item too. 

Not just work as a warmer, it is also microwavable. It takes 30 seconds to warm up five tortillas. So fill your pouch, store it into a microwave or pop it anywhere, and enjoy delicious warm tacos and tortillas.

Highlights of The Product

  • It is easy to carry
  • Superior quality fabric
  • Unique design look
  • It has an insulation cloth inside to provide extra heat
  • Microwave friendly
  • A Bit Difficult to wash
  • Can store a limited number of tortillas

4. RSVP International MAIZ-10R Stoneware Tortilla Warmer & Server

Tortilla warmer is an extraordinary invention for those who relish multiple cuisines. After years of research, many scientists have eradicated the usage of plastic around our food. 

To avoid this threat, RSVP international MAIZ 10 Stoneware has finally included a ceramic product. This sleek designed tortilla warmer is remarkably the best. It is both oven and microwave safe. 

To add more, it is dishwasher friendly. A warmer this big can hold up to 25 tortillas and even giant burritos. For sweet buds, pancakes, and crepes lovers, this product does wonders. 

Are you looking to know how it can change your kitchen? Not just the bright red box, it is also best for serving tortillas. The design keeps your kitchen prettier. 

It is made up of red glazed, free of lead particles, and ceramic is known for its luxurious material properties. 

As the historian says, ceramic in your kitchen brings positive aura. So does the tortilla warmer of RSVP international.

Highlights of The Product

  • It stacks up to 25 tortillas
  • Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe
  • It is multiuse warmer for pancakes and baking dishes as well
  • Its material is ceramic which keeps your tortilla for a longer time
  • The lid is a bit heavy & slippery
  • It is not budget-friendly

5. Uno Casa Ceramic Tortilla Warmer and Holder

If you have planned a night for the party and get together, the Mexican theme suits the best. It is because UNO casa ceramic tortilla is now available to rock your party. 

This 8. The 6-inch product can heat up to 15 tortillas, pancakes, burritos keeper, or a holder for roti, pita, taco, fajita, and also storage for many other flat dishes. This tortilla warmer is made out of ceramic and lightweight to hold. 

Feel the warmth and freshness in this airtight ceramic holder. This warmer keeps the moisture away, and it helps to avoid all the sogginess. 

Another charming characteristic of Uno Casa tortilla warmer that made it one of the best tortilla warmer is its colorfulness. It will light up your kitchen as an aide and a showpiece. 

To add a little cleaning advice, this product needs a clean towel to wash the steam. Being airtight creates the condensation, which you can wipe it off quickly. 

Tortillas should stay warm for a long time, without affecting the real texture or the shape of it. Now you can easily stuff it in the microwave, oven or the freezer. 

The real power of this product lies in the high quality. Not just it is durable but also nontoxic, and your food remains 100% safe.

Highlights of The Product

  • It stacks up to 20 tortillas
  • Multi usage as a casserole dish
  • Airtight lid
  • Colorful addition
  • Microwave, oven, and freezer safe
  • Small diameter
  • Not fit for giant burritos

6. Norpro Tortilla Pancake Keeper

Firstly, if you appreciate the sturdiness and economically fit products, keep Norpro tortilla pancake keeper in your cart right away. 

This warmer is the most affordable tortilla more heated in the market. Not just it, it can carry the most number of normal-sized tortillas in one go. 

If you want to guess the number, you will say 20, but I will say 36 tortillas in one warmer. Not just a fit for a family gathering, you can easily throw an enormous party relying on Norpro. 

Norpro promises to keep your tortillas safe and healthy. Its reliability makes locks the moisture, and you can have soft and fresh tortillas anytime you want to. 

This product can change the way you see the tortilla warmer. It is also a great keeper of rice, beans, and pulses. It is easy to wash and microwave friendly. 

Norpro’s high innovation, quality, and craftsmanship have made this as the most loved tortilla warmer.

Highlights of The Product

  • It stacks up to 3 dozen (36) tortillas
  • The most affordable tortilla warmer
  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly
  • Multi-use for pieces of bread, pita, tacos, burritos, cookies, and pancakes
  • Simple Design
  • Sturdy build
  • The lid can be challenging to hold

7. TWO-SIDED! Tortilla Warmer For All Occasions by ENdeas

Get inspired by design with this two-sided tortilla warmer made of polyester. Feel safe to use BPA free products. 

Are you ready to flaunt your new tortilla warmer? Both the sided are creative designs, one in a white base and others in the dark base. 

It can hold up to 12 tortillas and beat the heat for at least 1 hour. Polyester makes it the best heat store product. Still, it is known as the gigantic cloth-based tortilla warmer in the market. 

This tortilla warmer is a dream for picnic lovers. Not just the Mexican food, carry corns, flour, wraps, and toast easily. 

The secret behind it is a soft cloth thermal layer, which insulates everything that you place inside it. 

No need to get things messy in your dishwasher. You can easily wash it with your hands. It is reversible, so you don’t have to clean it like every week. 

Polyester is the main component used in the fabric. The ideas have made this tortilla warmer incredibly soft to hold and lightweight. You can carry it in your bag and roam around. 

Are you prepared to flaunt your new style? Yes, we are ready to flair the New Mexican theme-based two-sided tortilla warmer. Choose comfort.

Highlights of The Product

  • Two-sided
  • Lightweight
  • BPA free and Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry around
  • Microwave friendly

8. Norpro Tortilla Keeper

Bring yourself back to basics with this Norpro tortilla keeper. It functions as efficiently as you want by insulating your tortillas in a cozy way. 

Easy to use, compact for smaller kitchens, and nomadic style tortilla keeper is a big hit for those who are looking to invest in it for the first time. 

Eight by 2 inches size can keep the texture and taste of your tortillas intact. It is not for burrito lovers. Your Mexican style buffet is perfect with this insulator. 

It is affordable to buy and have higher productivity. It is made with copolymer material, which is known to last the heat, and the glaze used in the content makes it oven friendly. 

For your first time, it seems to be a compact option if you are not looking at large gatherings. It’s easy to wash and hold characteristics that make it perfect for taco beginners. 

The best thing about Norpro tortilla keeper is the sleek design and Tortilla is carved on the top of it. So even if you are away, one can know what is inside.

Highlights of The Product

  • Strong make
  • Multi usage
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Food Safe Plastic Material
  • Microwave, oven friendly and the top lid is dishwasher safe
  • Only one size available
  • Lacks design

9. Fiesta Tortilla Warmers 3 pack

Celebrate the Mexican culture with the purchase of Fiesta tortilla warmer. It comes in a package of three, in green white and red color, representing the Mexican flag. 

This is one solution for all the significant party needs. If you organize a Mexican theme thanksgiving, “make it fiesta” can roll up the heat and serve up to 25 tortillas in one go. 

Moreover, a decoration item for your kitchen is a must. It lit up the mood to see three vibrant colors lying in the corner. 

The actual flavor of tortillas, tacos, and pita bread remains tastier. Made in the USA makes it a trustable brand. 

Kitchen friendly and easy to use is another significant factor to look at. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

Go ahead and plan your fiesta!

Highlights of The Product

  • Pack of three multicolored tortilla warmers
  • Represents colors of Mexico
  • Easily stacks up to 25 tortillas
  • Affordable according to size
  • BPA free, microwave & dishwasher- friendly. 
  • The lid is a bit difficult to hold

10. IMUSA USA MEXI-1000-TORTW Tortilla Warmer Terracotta

Feel the authentic traditions of Mexican style cuisine with this IMUSA USA MEXI – 1000- TORTW tortilla warmer. 

What makes this product different is its sleek design, compact yet larger size, and beautiful presentation. It comes in naturally as IMUSA is known for ethnic housewares products. 

The layer of terracotta makes it a popular product to invest in beginners. It is highly affordable for first-timers. 

The size of IMUSA warmer is 8.5 inches, and it can hold up to 15 tortillas at the given time. 

It is easy to use IMUSA warmer with the help of a damp paper towel. When you will place the product in the microwave, make sure to remove the lid. The second primary material used in making this product is plastic. Hence, removing the cover is mandatory.

With proper usage, you can keep your tortillas and other eateries like a burrito, fajita, bread, enchiladas, and pita and pancakes warm up to 1 hour. 

Lastly, flaunt the authentic traditional color formed by the terracotta layer. You will find many tortilla warmers in the market, but this one comes as a genuine product.

Highlights of The Product

  • BPA free, microwave safe
  • Large size
  • Sleek traditional design and color
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • The lid is a bit heavy & slippery.

How To Choose The Best Tortilla Warmer

It is best suggested for you to read in detail about each type before you buy your first tortilla warmer. Briefly, cloth ones are chic and style based. The hard material is for those looking to serve more massive crowds. Here are the criteria on which you should base upon to pick the perfect tortilla warmer for your kitchen-

1. Types of Tortilla Warmer

There are three types of materials that are used for making tortilla warmers, i.e. Cloth, Ceramic, and Stone.

Apart from these three, you will see some warmers come in plastic or cast iron build.

Depending on the usage, cloth tortilla warmer looks good with their design and accommodate a small number of tortillas. Generally, good for a person or two.

On the other hand, Ceramic and stone made warmers come in bigger sizes and accommodates almost triple the amount of tortillas a cloth warmer can take. Apart from the size, ceramic warmers act as a showpiece when not in use and safe for long storage time.

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2. Time

The amount of time a warmer keeps the food warm is the main concern when making the purchase decision. The warmer should keep the food warm for a long time and maintain the same crisp and moisture as it was after cooking.

3. Alternative Use

Alternative usage plays a vital role when it comes to tortilla warmers. You will not eat tortillas every day and when idle, the warmer should come handy for storage or other works. Taking this into consideration, ceramic and stone made tortilla warmers are on top.

4. Tortilla Warmer Price

When purchasing a tortilla warmer, you need to check the price of it along with the value it is providing. There should be a balance between the value come with the product and its price.

Our Final Pick

After viewing, our final pick for you is RSVP International MAIZ-10R Stoneware Tortilla Warmer & Server. Its multi-usage, size, and material make it an extraordinary tortilla warmer. 

The most powerful thing about this tortilla warmer is its material and size. Be it is a large party or a small family gathering, it can easily suffice up to 25 tortillas at the same time.

We believe that keeping your favorite tortillas, burritos, pancakes, and crepes warm is significant to health and taste. 

But re-heating, again and again, subtracts the essential nutrients, makes it soggy, and distorts the texture of tortillas.

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Choosing the right tortilla warmer among multiple options can be a bit difficult. To make it easier, you can choose according to your needs. 

If you want to serve a more massive crowd, choose a hard material based tortilla warmer. It is more prominent in size, microwave, and oven friendly. 

If your gathering is smaller, you can opt for fabric-based warmers. You will be able to carry along, and their lightweight makes it favorable.

Keeping it simple, a tortilla warmer is a simple product. All you need is one option that suits all your needs. 

After reading this article, we trust that you have got full knowledge of the product. We are delighted to know that we helped you to find your best tortilla warmer.

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