Corn vs Flour Tortillas – Are Tortillas Healthy?


As we grow old and accumulate fat on the body, we try our best to bring back our good shape and balance.

To keep your waistline tight and man boobs disappear, you must take a closer look at what you eat and how much. 

Except for balancing the diet, picking the right food in the right amount will allow your body to absorb the nutrition properly.

As we respect your thoughts and want to help you with this matter, we’re giving you a better way to know about the two types of tortilla. 

Going through the comparison of corn vs. flour tortilla will allow you to get the answers of which one have most calories? Which one should you eat? (and) How much can you eat?

So, have a look and pick the perfect diet for you without any private dietitian!

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Corn vs Wheat Flour Debate

The corn tortillas have a lower amount of calorie intact on them compared to the wheat flour tortillas numbering 325 calories per 100 gram.

Flour tortillas also ace on the protein category with the higher amount than the corn. Protein allows our muscles to improve and grow strong. This food ingredient also keep you full for longer period of time suppressing the hunger.

Flour tortillas have a higher amount of fat considering the amount in the corn. If you’re looking for weight loss food or concerned about your heart health, you should take this one seriously. Saturated fat helps your body to grow bad cholesterol which leads you to cardiological problems.

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As you can see that the flour tortillas are high in calories, fat, and protein, the corn is comparatively a good call for a health conscious person.

Corn and Flour tortillas, both are enriched with a good amount of minerals like Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium.

Minerals help your body respond to the nutrition accurately with steady heart rate and muscle improvements. 

But you should take the minerals according to the percent value provided by the USDA.

Corn tortillas have a higher amount of dietary fiber than the flour counterpart. Dietary fiber is good for your digestive system and helps your body to absorb the most nutrition out of the food.

corn tortilla vs flour tortilla

Comparison Table on Nutritional Values

 CornWheat Flour
VitaminsVitamin B-6
Sodium45 mg478 mg
Fat2.9 g7.1 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Carbohydrates45 g55 g
Protein6 g9 g
Sugar0.9 g
Dietary Fiber6 g3.3 g
Potassium186 mg131 mg

*All Percentages are based on daily standard 2000 calorie values. It can differ according to your daily calorie needs.

Final Words

In one word, It’s Corn Tortillas which beat the flour tortillas in terms of healthy food.

As you’ve seen that the flour tortillas have more calories and fat than the corn, it is evident that it will be less helpful to your health comparing to the corn tortillas.

Since I’ve researched this topic mostly on the base of Nutritional Database of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it is less likely that there would be a considerable difference between this and the reality.

If you find anything like that or have any question regarding corn tortillas vs flour tortillas on your mind, don’t hesitate to hit the comment box.

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