Do Tortillas Go Bad? Surprising Facts!

Fresh foods are great for health. But busy folks can’t have freshly made breakfast every day. That’s why we store food in the freezer, refrigerator, or in the pantry.

Depending on how and when you store food, the time it remains consumable varies. As the tortilla is becoming more popular among Americans nowadays, you may have thought about buying tortilla packs in bulk or made them once to eat for a month.

Either way, you need to know how many days you can store tortillas or do tortillas go bad or not. To give you a detailed overview of the topic, we will dive deep into it and explore different perspectives so that you know exactly how much time you have to eat the stored tortillas. Stay with us!

tortilla lifespan

Do Tortillas Go Bad?

Starting with the main topic. Yes, tortillas go bad. Since tortillas are made of corn or flour, they become moldy and unhygienic after a while.

Tortillas last longer when stored after perfectly eliminating the moisture from them. In this way, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of the tortillas. You may be wondering how much time you can store tortillas before they are rotten. Here are the details-

1. Tortillas Kept in Dining

If you leave tortillas in the dining without properly storing them in a bucket, they will last around two days before they go bad. This will happen because of the moisture in the tortillas. If your tortillas are dry, they may take an extra day in the dining before smelling bad.

2. Stored in a Dry & Cool Place

You need to keep tortillas in a dry and cool place to keep the nutrients intact and give them some extra days before they are rotten. You’ll get around 4 to 7 days, depending on the moisture in the tortillas, before they get bad.

3. Tortillas Stored in Refrigerator

If you want to keep your tortillas for a month or so, refrigerating them is the best option. By refrigerating the tortillas, you’ll be able to keep tortillas fresh and yummy for 6 to 8 weeks.

4. Kept in Freezer

Tortillas stored in the freezer lasts longer than any other method of storing them. Tortillas will remain eatable for 6 to 8 months in the freezer. But the delicious taste won’t last long. The more you’ll wait, the less tasty tortillas will become.

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How Can You Tell If Tortillas are Bad?

An easy way to measure whether the tortillas are fresh or rotten is the look of the tortillas. If they look fresh, be 90% sure, they are good. Rotten tortillas will have dark spots and molds here and there. And if you take the tortilla close to your nose, you may smell a bad odor from it.

In some rare cases, tortillas may go bad won’t show any symptoms I’ve talked about. In such cases, you need to taste the tortilla to understand. Rotten tortillas will taste weird.

Can expired tortillas make you sick?

Generally, expired tortillas won’t make you sick most of the time. But it is not advisable to eat them as they may make you sick sometimes.

Do tortillas need to be refrigerated after opening?

Yes, if you want to eat them past the expiration date printed on the pack. Tortillas will remain good and healthy without refrigeration till the expiration date. For eating them after the expiration date, you need to refrigerate the tortillas after opening the pack.

Can you get food poisoning from tortillas?

Generally, rotten tortillas don’t make a person sick. But there are some rare cases where you may get food poisoning from tortillas. That’s not because of the ingredients of the tortillas, rather toxic materials build up on the tortillas by the lapse of time.

So, we always recommend consuming fresh foods. If you don’t have options to make fresh foods daily, preserve the food in the freezer or the refrigerator for future consumption.

What can you do with old tortillas?

Nothing! However, I do not waste old foods in my house. Rather, I cut them into tiny pieces and spread them in my backyard. Birds find those old tortillas as a great appetizer. And in case of birds do not eat those, the food will become good compost.

Why do tortillas smell bad?

If your tortillas are smelling bad, it may have rotten. However, you may get a bad smell because of various health issues too. So, check if you are getting bad smell or other family members are also getting a bad smell.

If it’s only you who is getting the bad smell out of the tortillas, see a doctor to check whether you have any health complications.

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