Can You Freeze Tofu? How to Store Tofu? FAQ Answered!

Preserving the leftovers after opening a pack of food is important. Without proper preservation, the food will become soggy and start decaying.

As you loved consuming tofu and want to store the leftovers to consume tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you need to know how to preserve them without losing the taste and nutrients.

This post is all about answering questions relating to tofu preservation. Keep reading!

How To Store Tofu

Can You Freeze Tofu?

Yes, you can freeze tofu. In fact, freezing tofu is recommended for those who love the chewy taste of the tofu instead of the smooth texture.

Generally, tofu does not absorb flavors well. But for marinating, you need absorbent tofu that absorbs flavors. That’s where freezing tofu is important. Freezing and defrosting the tofu makes it chewy and absorbant and thus, it tastes great in recipes where you need to marinate the tofu.

How to Freeze Tofu?

Now that you know when to freeze tofu and when to skip, you may be wondering how can you freeze tofu! Freezing tofu is easy. Cut the tofu in cubes and put them into a plastic container or a plastic bag. Keep the bag or the container in the freezer.

Unlike many other foods, we don’t recommend keeping tofu in the freezer for more than three days. Consume preserved tofu within two to three days of freezing to get the best taste and nutrient.

However, if you want to preserve the tofu for more than 3 days, there is a way out. Here’s what you can do to store tofu for a week or more-

Storing Tofu for a Week or Longer

Put tofu in a plastic container and fill it with filtered water. Cover it up and keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

For keeping tofu fresh and yummy, change the water daily. Draining out the old water and filling the container with fresh filtered water will keep the tofu fresh and moist till you eat them.

In case you need to store tofu for more than a week, cut tofu into pieces and keep them in the freezer for a day to make them solid. Now, move them to an airtight container and keep them in the freezer. By following this process, you’ll be able to store tofu for 3 months. But try to consume as early as possible as you’ll not get the taste of the fresh tofu after a few weeks.

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Can I Store Tofu Without Water?

You may have cooked tofu or mixed them with other ingredients for which you can’t add water to it. In such circumstances, you will still be able to freeze tofu for a week. But consuming as early as possible is what we recommend.

How Long Does Tofu Last After Cooked?

The amount of time the tofu will remain fresh and yummy depends on the way you store them. Generally, tofu will remain fresh for two to four hours after cooked without taking any measure. Storing the cooked tofu in the refrigerator will keep the food fresh for two to three days.

Can I Store Tofu in Room Temperature?

Until you open the pack of tofu, you can store them at room temperature. But after opening the package, you must rinse them with water and keep them in the refrigerator following the guidelines we have given above.

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