How to Use a Pizza Stone For The First Time

Who doesn’t lick his lips when you yell the word ‘pizza’?

Everyone get to a feeling of good taste and delicacy after eating pizza. 

As it goes popular among mass people, people all around the globe are keen to make the pizza in their home.

The vital equipment which makes the pizza serve-able to your dine-in table  is the pizza stone.

how to use a pizza stone

So that you come here to learn about using the pizza stone for the first time, we assume that you don’t know much about that. So, We’ll try to go in detail in every step. 

I can assure you that after you go through the whole article, you’ll know a bunch of new things about the pizza stone. So, Keep Reading…

I’m dividing the article into three phases for the better understanding of the concept.

  1.  Seasoning the Pizza Stone
  2.  Cooking on the Pizza Stone
  3.  Cleaning the Pizza Stone

How to Season a Pizza Stone

As technology progresses and new companies are coming into the market with unique ideas, you hardly find any pizza stone without any factory seasoning. But in case you got one which needs to be seasoned, then here are the quick fix for you.

You can easily find whether your stone is seasoned or not by just going through the label of the product.

i. Wipe the Stone with Soft Cotton Cloth

Take a fresh cloth and soak it with fresh water. After that, gently wipe the stone for a minute or two.

But it is highly recommended not to use soap or any other cleaning product.

ii. Heat the Stone

After wiping the tool, heat the stone in moderate heat. It will dry up the surface area and make the non-stick coating last long.

Don’t heat the baking stone on a high heat at the first instance. It can crack the stone if it is not well-made.

iii. Use Vegetable Oil For Coating

As you know that manufacturer uses nonstick coating in the pizza stones. It can happen that any surface area is left alone without coating when you buy any cheap stone.

So, for making an extra layer of coating, you just need a small amount of vegetable oil and a fresh towel.

Soak the towel into the vegetable oil and wipe the surface of the stone

iv. Heat in the Oven

After wiping the pizza surface with vegetable oil, heat the stone at the mid-high range for 15 minutes. 

Now your pizza stone is ready to make your first homemade pizza.

How to Cook on a Pizza Stone

Unlike other cooking procedures, you need to look after some unusual things when you’re cooking a pizza.

  1.  Place the empty pizza stone on the oven.
  2.  Heat it gradually from low to high heat. Take at least 15 minutes to do this.
  3.  Allow the pizza stone to heat evenly.
  4.  Now place the pizza crust on the stone with a pizza peel. You can use flour on the pizza peel to ensure easy removal after placing the pizza dough.
  5. Leave the pizza on the oven for around 15-30 minutes according to the heat you’ve used and the direction you’re following for the pizza cooking.
  6. After making the pizza, take the pizza out of the oven with a peel.
  7. You can leave the pizza stone for another five or so minutes to burn the pizza residue.

Note: There is no need for oil in the making of pizza, so don’t use it.

How to Clean a Pizza Stone

Now that you’ve learned to season a pizza stone and before making a pizza using it, you should know the proper cleaning procedure of a pizza stone. Let’s get started…

i. Wipe the stone

The cleaning process should start with wiping the of the pizza stone with a soft dry cloth. If you use cotton cloth, that will be better.

ii. Use Hand to Clean

Use your hand to remove any stuck pizza residue on the stone. if you can’t remove all of it, here comes the solution-

iii. Use Baking Soda Mix

If you’ve failed to remove all the pizza dust from the baking panel, use this trick.
First, Take half a cup of Baking soda and half a cup of water. Mix those evenly.
After that take an unused toothbrush and soak that in the baking soda mixer, and brush the surface of the baking stone with soft hand.

iv. Rinse the Stone

After you finish up brushing the surface, rinse the pizza stone with clean water. Use your hands to rub it if necessary.

v. Dry up the Stone

After you’re done with the four steps, you’ve to now wait and let the stone dry.

Just for precaution: DON’T use soap or cleaning product on the Pizza Stone Ever!


As you’re new to the arena of homemade pizza cooking, you can end up baking ‘Yack’ flavored pizza sometimes. But you’ll learn the proper way and procedure to make the restaurant-standard pizza by the time.

When you’re handling the pizza stone, handle it carefully. Pizza stones can be heavy and fragile. Handling it carelessly can harm both your legs and the pizza stone itself.

If I’ve left anything uncovered relating to this topic or you’ve any queries regarding this, left a comment below without any hesitation.

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