How to Use Tortilla Warmer to Heat, Warm & Store Tortillas

Storing tortillas is as important as cooking them. Tortillas taste best when they are warm and soft. So, you need to have a way to keep tortillas warm for a longer period of time.

That’s where tortilla warmers come handy. Depending on the materials used for making the warmer, you can keep your freshly cooked tortillas warm for 20 minutes to an hour.

In this quick guide, we will share with you the way you can use a tortilla warmer to keep tortillas warm and yummy!

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How Long Will Tortillas Remain Warm in Warmer?

How long a warmer can keep the tortillas warm depends on the type of warmer you have. So, we have divided it into five sections-

1. Plastic

Plastic is the cheapest way to manufacture tortilla warmers. As they are cheap, the results are not so satisfying. You can keep tortillas warm for 20 minutes or so in a plastic tortilla keeper. Another problem of using plastic is its health concerns. Keeping warm food in a plastic container is not so good option to go with.

2. Ceramic

Being the most expensive, ceramic tortilla keepers is the best for keeping tortillas warm for a longer period. These are durable, aesthetic, and healthy options to warm and keep tortillas. Generally, you’ll be able to keep your tortillas warm for around 30 to 45 minutes in a ceramic tortilla keeper.

3. Terra-Cota

Terracotta is clay made material that looks almost similar to ceramic. It is also a great option to use as a tortilla warmer as it is safe for health. Having oven and dishwasher safe, this material is a trending one in many kitchens nowadays. It also keeps tortillas warm for 30 to 45 minutes.

4. Cloth

The fourth on the list is cloth tortilla warmers. These are not so great in terms of keeping tortillas warm but can keep moisture out of the tortillas when getting cold. Moisture makes the tortillas soggy and degrades the taste. So, these help you to keep the taste of the tortillas. You’ll have warm tortillas for 15 to 20 minutes when stored in a cloth warmer.

5. Aluminum Foil

Foil is another option for keeping tortillas warm. Although these can keep your tortillas warm for a longer period of time, you’ll end up having some soggy tortillas after an hour. Tortillas perfectly wrapped with aluminum foil will remain warm for 45 minutes to an hour.

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Heating Tortillas in a Tortilla Warmer

For the exact heating process of the tortillas in the tortilla warmer, you need to see the guideline provided by the product manufacturer. Because some products are not made for warming tortillas rather for storing them. However, here is a quick step by step process of warming tortillas-

  1. Place a paper towel in the warmer and fill it with tortillas. You can use cloth instead of paper towels but don’t place tortillas directly in the warmer. Otherwise, tortillas will stick to the warmer.
  2. Heat the oven for 20 seconds.
  3. Now, put the warmer inside the oven and heat it for 20 seconds. (Make sure the warmer is oven safe. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging but warmer and the oven.)
  4. After 20 seconds, check and warm again for 10 seconds if the tortillas are not heated perfectly. Repeat the process until you get perfectly warm tortillas.

What Type of Tortilla in Warmer?

You can keep both types of tortillas in the warmer. But corn tortillas require extra attention as they hold more moisture than flour tortillas. Keeping corn tortillas without proper moisture-absorbing cloth or towel will give you soggy tortillas after a few moments.

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