What is Tortilla & Tortilla Chips? When and Who Invented Tortilla

The Tortilla is getting its popularity throughout the world with its easy to make recipes. It is a thin unleavened flatbread made out of corn or flour inheriting its origin before the birth of the Christ.

As this 5-minutes food is growing its consumers day by day, people are seeking knowledge about this.

In this article, we’ll try to ease your curiosity about the history and inventions of tortilla with its definitions and related staffs.

tortilla history and definitions

What is Tortilla

The tortilla is a type of flatbread made out of smashed corn or flour powder mixing it with water and then frying it on the fire without any oil.

It is a popular food in both America and Indian Sub-continent. The people of Indian subcontinent call it ‘roti’ and eat this as their staple food for both the breakfast and dinner.

As the Indian people are prone to the oily and spicy foods, they use extra ingredients like mashed potato and other vegetables with the tortilla to make it more delicious.

Definition of Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chips are a variant of tortilla which is made out of a flat tortilla by cutting into the triangular shapes.

The small pieces then fried in vegetable oil to make it perfect crispy chips. The crisp you get in the store bought chips will not be found in the homemade tortilla chips unless you dry the tortilla chips before frying them.

History of Tortillas

Tortilla has its origin long back to 10,000 B.C. It was found in Mexico by Hernando Cortez of Spain. He found this item like ‘cake’ and called it a ‘Torta’ which means ‘small round cake’.

By the time, the word ‘Torta’ has replaced with ‘Tortilla’.

Though it has a long history back, the procedure of making the tortillas has not been changed until now. Though the ancient people consumed this food without any extra add-ons, people of the modern era make different types of delicious recipes like tacos, burritos, and enchiladas with the tortilla.

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Who Invented Tortilla

There is a long debate on this topic and no reliable source has been found on the invention of the tortilla.

An unauthentic source refers that, Tortilla has first been made by a peasant for his hungry king with maize and dried kernel.

The ancient people used corn and maize to make the ‘masa’ of the tortilla and they named their tortilla as ‘masa harina’.

Types of Tortillas

There are a number of types and sizes of tortilla. If we divide the tortillas with their different recipes, the number will pass a ton. So, I’ll stick to the basic two types of tortillas, namely-

  1. Corn Tortillas
  2. Wheat Flour Tortillas

1. Corn Tortillas

As you can see the name, the tortilla is made of corn. The dry corn is crushed into powder to make a dough for the tortilla. The dough then pressed by a tortilla press or rolled with a rolling pin to make a perfectly round shaped corn tortilla.

2. Wheat Flour Tortilla

The Wheat made flour tortillas are very popular in the Indian Subcontinent. The process almost the same as the process of corn tortillas.

The Wheat is crushed into powder, then the powder is mixed with water to make the tortilla dough. The tortilla dough is then rolled or pressed to make the flour tortilla.

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Ingredients of Tortilla & Tortilla Chips

There are a number of ingredients to make the tortillas. I’ll touch the most popular ingredients to make you understand what are the things you are eating mainly when you consume the tortilla.

  • Corn or Wheat Flour
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil (in some cases)
  • And any extra add-ons (if used)

Ending Words

Tortillas are now very popular for its easy to make delicious taste. You can make tortillas within 15 minutes with its authentic taste and crisp.

If you don’t like the plain tortillas, you can make your favorite enchiladas, burritos, or tacos with it. So, this food item gives you a lot of versatility and different taste options to you without knowing any extra things.

If you want to know the detailed health and other related staffs adhered to the tortilla, follow our blog. We’ll be updating the different contents of tortilla day by day.

If you want any specific answers regarding any food, just knock us in the comment box. We’ll be right back to you.

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